Nor Krakensbreath (Joaq)

Male, Dwarven Barbarian - Sea Reaver


Male Dwarven Barbarian Sea Reaver


My people were proud seafaring folk, carving our home out of the cliffs overlooking the vast ocean. Being dwarves we foolishly used that rock to build our city, a shining beacon for all to see. Sailors from distant lands trembled before our superior craftsmanship, built to last forever. But we did not stop there, digging deeper, gathering every precious metal and ore that could be milked from those cliffs, and still we gathered more. Superior, or stupid its all the same; my home, our city crashed into the waves, as we hungrily took out the last piece of bedrock. And now I have no home, no family, for that matter civilization itself can rot for all I care. Falling into the hands of men I am shackled now, but never have I felt more free. I follow the blood in my beard, the sting of the lash and even still the sound of the sea.

Nor Krakensbreath (Joaq)

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