Skull & Shackles

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 10

GM's Log - Raiders of the Fever Sea

The fight continues…
The Deathknell and Captain Whalebone Pilk and his Brine Zombies were dispatched…at least for now… and our band of pirates then sailed on to Windward Isle and the famous Tidewater Rock. Little did they know they would encounter a savvy aristocrat running the show. Lady Agasta Smythee, widow of the famous “Iron Bert” Smythee, reluctantly agree to an alliance, but not until the pirate party of the Morning’s Sorrow breached her tower and killed he sergeant at arms; rest in peace Mr. Royster McCleagh. Now, the party is setting sail to find a ship called the Thresher and its precious captain; Isabella “Inkskin: Locke. What treacherous plan will unfold next in the area known as Mancatcher Isle? Will the new alliance with Lady Smythee hold? And what of the Morning’s Sorrow reputation? Will people tremble in their boots when they pull into port? Or, do they have some more infamy to earn? Only time will tell…Agasta_Smythee.jpg


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