Skull & Shackles

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 12
GM's Log - Raiders of the Fever Sea

…And so at last – our beloved (or should I say ‘Hated’) pirates of the Morning’s Sorrow have sought and found their true hidden treasure. With the command of the undead and unwavering persistence, they increased their infamy and fortune. But, this was not earned easily. From huge and hungry plants with the vines of death and no less than 6 devastating traps, the crew was not without its licks. Nevertheless, they have survived and lived to sail on to bigger and better bounties. Perhaps even becoming the newest free captain of the Shackles. Only time will tell…

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 11
GM's Log - Raiders of the Fever Sea

After making their alliance with Lady Agasta Smythee, the crew of the Morning’s Sorrow were quickly attached by a tribe of Sahuagin in the Tidewater Rock lagoon. The crew dispatched them swiftly and made for the open sea. IN the early morning hours the ship was attached by a large Sea Serpent; however, the charm of Periwinkle Black overwhelmed the monstrous creature and it went about its way. Another day of sailing and skillful navigation, the crew was able to find the “Thresher” and its infamous captain Isabella “Inkskin” Locke. Unfortunately, for the crew of the “Thresher”, they did not survive. Now, the treasure from their ship and their captain are now property of the Morning’s Sorrow. What will the tattooed maps on Isabella “Inkskin” Locke’s body reveal? Will the crew keep her alive? Or, will she suffer a painful fate? Only the crew of the Morning’s Sorrow can decide…

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 10
GM's Log - Raiders of the Fever Sea

The fight continues…
The Deathknell and Captain Whalebone Pilk and his Brine Zombies were dispatched…at least for now… and our band of pirates then sailed on to Windward Isle and the famous Tidewater Rock. Little did they know they would encounter a savvy aristocrat running the show. Lady Agasta Smythee, widow of the famous “Iron Bert” Smythee, reluctantly agree to an alliance, but not until the pirate party of the Morning’s Sorrow breached her tower and killed he sergeant at arms; rest in peace Mr. Royster McCleagh. Now, the party is setting sail to find a ship called the Thresher and its precious captain; Isabella “Inkskin: Locke. What treacherous plan will unfold next in the area known as Mancatcher Isle? Will the new alliance with Lady Smythee hold? And what of the Morning’s Sorrow reputation? Will people tremble in their boots when they pull into port? Or, do they have some more infamy to earn? Only time will tell…Agasta_Smythee.jpg

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 9
GM's Log - Raiders of the Fever Sea

Another day at sea…heading up the coastline. As fate would have it, a Rahadoumi ships is found crippled at sea. A perfect catch for the new ordained pirates of the Mornings Sorrow. After having their way with new booty, they proceed into the stormy waters and foggy night. Alais, it was only a matter of time that the dark ghost ship known as the “Deathknell” arrives. Its undead crew wasted no time in attacking. Captain Whalebone Pilk and his many Brine Zombies unleash their fury on the Morning Sorrow for making the mistake of entering their watery realm. With everyone exhausted from the last fight, who knows who will win the final battle? To be continued…

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 8
GM's Log - Raiders of the Fever Sea

The Morning’s Sorrow set sail with its full crew to begin adventure on the high seas. However, it seems the crew will have to work on its boating skills before they can catch an unsuspecting ship and skilled captain. The crew did find an unnamed island in route which they could assert their evil and pirating ways. Their conquest yielded them plunder and infamy as well. Since the party felt so good about their victory, they took to the high seas and fought Shuagin and a dreadful Brine dragon. These feats were not bad for only being at sea for 3 days. But, what else awaits them in the coming journey…

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 7
GM's Log - Raiders of the Fever Sea

To the open sea!
The time on Rickety’s Squibs was plagued with Selissa the Water Naga, a Giant Wasp invasion and a coordinated Dire Boar attack. Nevertheless, our team lead by Captain Grim prevailed. Fortunately, the meeting with Captain Pegsworthy and his buccaneer crew turned out to be an amicable arrangement and introduction. With the christening of the Morning’s Sorrow, the players are now ready to set sail on their own terms. But how will they create a name for themselves? Can Captain Grim keep his crew together? Can the Captain become a true “Free Captain”? The answer will take time to be known. Let’s hope they survive to reach the next port…

Stories of Darian Grim #2

Abigail Antwoord’s tale:
I remember they day he took me away. It was a quiet day, peaceful. It was my birthday. Grandma set aside a little something for me. A few coins for my present. I was so excited.

There was a ship in the harbor. A scary ship with scary men and a black flag with a skull. I didn’t go near the ship. I was a good girl. The Captain was called Darian Grim. He said he came to fix his ship and to resupply. He said his coin was good and he’ll keep his scary men on the boat. I heard that anyway. That’s what Tommy said he said. Tommy is a bad boy, but Tommy never lies and is very smart with remembering things. Poor Tommy.

I was in the market when the soldiers arrived. I was looking at dolls. The soldiers came from the fort to the north – someone from town must have brought them. They were going to capture the scary men in the ship with the black flag. They said they were going to hang Darian Grim. “No deals with pirates!” they shouted, “only the rope for you dogs!”
Darian Grim answered. He must have shouted because everyone heard it, but it only came across as a whisper. He said, “No mercy”. Then in an instant the scary men swarmed from his ship – like ants when you kick an ant hill. There were so many of them it didn’t seem possible. Soldiers began to die. And then so did the people in town. Men and boys. Grandmas and grandpas. Mothers and babies. Everyone they killed.

Except me. I hid. I’m good at hiding. Or so I thought. Be he found me – Captain Darian Grim. He pulled me from my hidey-hole. I screamed and screamed as the scary men around him laughed. The my money for my birthday present fell out of my hand and rolled to his feet – two copper coins. He picked them. He didn’t smile. He simply said “your fare is accepted”.

Stories of Darian Grim #1:

Flay’s tale:
They is happy place my home. No bad things. Almost. Not Flay. Flay have bad spirit inside. Hurt people. Elder say Flay has bad thing inside. Makes mask for Flay. Mask to lock up bad thing. Flay like mask. Flay gets put in cage and hung from tree. Flay no like cage.

Happy place no happy now. Bad men come. Come from far away. Where sun goes to die. They no have masks. Their bad things are out. People hurt. People die. Flay sees it all from her cage in sky. Flay want help. Help bad men? Help family? Flay don’t care. Flay want hurt. So fun.

Then Grim comes. He comes from far away too. Where sun goes to die. Grim angry. Bad men steal from Grim. Grim come to steal back. Grim steals voices. Grim steals breath. Grim steals life. Bad men quiet now.

Happy place still not happy. It now Grim’s place. Family afraid. Family give Grim food. Give water. So Grim can go back to dying sun. Grim is pleased. He steal nothing. Not breath. Not life. Grim want one thing. Grim points to Flay in cage. Grim take Flay. We go to dying sun. Now Flay can hurt. Now Flay can steal breath like Grim. Now Flay happy too.

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 6
GM's Log- The Wormwood Mutiny

Day 5 on Bonewrack Isle saw our PC’s fighting Grindylow’s “The Whale” and the Brinebrood Queen". They rescued Sandara Quinn and collected the pirates booty. Now, they sailed 2 day’s to Rickety’s Squibs after convincing the crew they were the right leaders for the ship. The “Man’s Promise” has begun it’s transformation to the new “The Morning’s Sorrow”. With their elimination of the few anti-Shunta followers, the crew will be ready soon to set sail as “free pirates”. Only time will tell how they player’s will handle their new found riches and luck…

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 5
GM's Log - The Wormwood Mutiny

Day 4 on Bonewrack Isle has turned out to be a long day of battle. Our PC’s are bloodied from fighting Stirges, Grindylows, Lacedons, Sharks and a Devil Fish. After the last fight with the Sharks, our pirate clan decided to retreat to the inner cave sandbar to heal and regain their strength. They still have not found enough water or food. But first; the team needs to find Sandara if they want to keep any allies. It’s only a matter of time before the wrath of Mr Plugg and Master Scourge will be upon them to exact their punishment for not completing the original task given. What will they do next? Can they last much longer without food or water? We shall see…


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