Helheim (Glynn)

Male, Human Barbarian - Sea Reaver (Forsaken)


Standing tall at 6’6" this giant of a man has sunken humanoid features, looking malnourished but incredibly strong. His body covered in tattoos and scars. The Symbol of the Boatman is etched and inked into his chest with tribal symbols of waves bouncing from it.


Stolen as a baby from a raid by marauders, Helheim was kept as a good luck charm by his captors. Raised to fight and quickly placed on a vessel at a young age Skald became a costal raider. His prowess and stamina proved useful in his career. He cared for nothing except fighting, money and friends brought him no comfort, no reason but battle to exist.

on one eventful night his ship was attacked by a mighty krakken. during the skirmish he was knocked unconscious and fell overboard. his battered body found its way to the shore where a passer by came to his aid. the mans name was Shunta and he gave Helheim a purpose, a reason to exist in this forsaken world. To align his existence with the Boatman and follow the way. Shunta became his teacher and mentor with skald devoting himself to his new master.

Helheim (Glynn)

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