Skull & Shackles

Stories of Darian Grim #2

Abigail Antwoord’s tale:
I remember they day he took me away. It was a quiet day, peaceful. It was my birthday. Grandma set aside a little something for me. A few coins for my present. I was so excited.

There was a ship in the harbor. A scary ship with scary men and a black flag with a skull. I didn’t go near the ship. I was a good girl. The Captain was called Darian Grim. He said he came to fix his ship and to resupply. He said his coin was good and he’ll keep his scary men on the boat. I heard that anyway. That’s what Tommy said he said. Tommy is a bad boy, but Tommy never lies and is very smart with remembering things. Poor Tommy.

I was in the market when the soldiers arrived. I was looking at dolls. The soldiers came from the fort to the north – someone from town must have brought them. They were going to capture the scary men in the ship with the black flag. They said they were going to hang Darian Grim. “No deals with pirates!” they shouted, “only the rope for you dogs!”
Darian Grim answered. He must have shouted because everyone heard it, but it only came across as a whisper. He said, “No mercy”. Then in an instant the scary men swarmed from his ship – like ants when you kick an ant hill. There were so many of them it didn’t seem possible. Soldiers began to die. And then so did the people in town. Men and boys. Grandmas and grandpas. Mothers and babies. Everyone they killed.

Except me. I hid. I’m good at hiding. Or so I thought. Be he found me – Captain Darian Grim. He pulled me from my hidey-hole. I screamed and screamed as the scary men around him laughed. The my money for my birthday present fell out of my hand and rolled to his feet – two copper coins. He picked them. He didn’t smile. He simply said “your fare is accepted”.


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