Skull & Shackles

Stories of Darian Grim #1:

Flay’s tale:
They is happy place my home. No bad things. Almost. Not Flay. Flay have bad spirit inside. Hurt people. Elder say Flay has bad thing inside. Makes mask for Flay. Mask to lock up bad thing. Flay like mask. Flay gets put in cage and hung from tree. Flay no like cage.

Happy place no happy now. Bad men come. Come from far away. Where sun goes to die. They no have masks. Their bad things are out. People hurt. People die. Flay sees it all from her cage in sky. Flay want help. Help bad men? Help family? Flay don’t care. Flay want hurt. So fun.

Then Grim comes. He comes from far away too. Where sun goes to die. Grim angry. Bad men steal from Grim. Grim come to steal back. Grim steals voices. Grim steals breath. Grim steals life. Bad men quiet now.

Happy place still not happy. It now Grim’s place. Family afraid. Family give Grim food. Give water. So Grim can go back to dying sun. Grim is pleased. He steal nothing. Not breath. Not life. Grim want one thing. Grim points to Flay in cage. Grim take Flay. We go to dying sun. Now Flay can hurt. Now Flay can steal breath like Grim. Now Flay happy too.


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