Skull & Shackles

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 9

GM's Log - Raiders of the Fever Sea

Another day at sea…heading up the coastline. As fate would have it, a Rahadoumi ships is found crippled at sea. A perfect catch for the new ordained pirates of the Mornings Sorrow. After having their way with new booty, they proceed into the stormy waters and foggy night. Alais, it was only a matter of time that the dark ghost ship known as the “Deathknell” arrives. Its undead crew wasted no time in attacking. Captain Whalebone Pilk and his many Brine Zombies unleash their fury on the Morning Sorrow for making the mistake of entering their watery realm. With everyone exhausted from the last fight, who knows who will win the final battle? To be continued…


wmorales_wm31 wmorales_wm31

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