Skull & Shackles

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 6

GM's Log- The Wormwood Mutiny

Day 5 on Bonewrack Isle saw our PC’s fighting Grindylow’s “The Whale” and the Brinebrood Queen". They rescued Sandara Quinn and collected the pirates booty. Now, they sailed 2 day’s to Rickety’s Squibs after convincing the crew they were the right leaders for the ship. The “Man’s Promise” has begun it’s transformation to the new “The Morning’s Sorrow”. With their elimination of the few anti-Shunta followers, the crew will be ready soon to set sail as “free pirates”. Only time will tell how they player’s will handle their new found riches and luck…


wmorales_wm31 wmorales_wm31

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