Skull & Shackles

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 5

GM's Log - The Wormwood Mutiny

Day 4 on Bonewrack Isle has turned out to be a long day of battle. Our PC’s are bloodied from fighting Stirges, Grindylows, Lacedons, Sharks and a Devil Fish. After the last fight with the Sharks, our pirate clan decided to retreat to the inner cave sandbar to heal and regain their strength. They still have not found enough water or food. But first; the team needs to find Sandara if they want to keep any allies. It’s only a matter of time before the wrath of Mr Plugg and Master Scourge will be upon them to exact their punishment for not completing the original task given. What will they do next? Can they last much longer without food or water? We shall see…



There was a well in the empty fort where we killed the Vine Chokers and made the stunning realization that Nadia does, in fact, know a damage dealing offensive spell.

There were also nearby crops, though I don’t think we ever determined if there was anything able to be harvested.


Yes, your’re right. I left out the word “enough” water and food.

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