Skull & Shackles

Skull & Shackles Campaign - Session 7

GM's Log - Raiders of the Fever Sea

To the open sea!
The time on Rickety’s Squibs was plagued with Selissa the Water Naga, a Giant Wasp invasion and a coordinated Dire Boar attack. Nevertheless, our team lead by Captain Grim prevailed. Fortunately, the meeting with Captain Pegsworthy and his buccaneer crew turned out to be an amicable arrangement and introduction. With the christening of the Morning’s Sorrow, the players are now ready to set sail on their own terms. But how will they create a name for themselves? Can Captain Grim keep his crew together? Can the Captain become a true “Free Captain”? The answer will take time to be known. Let’s hope they survive to reach the next port…


wmorales_wm31 wmorales_wm31

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